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MyShoppingHelper is created out of the needs of a typical household. In today's fast-paced world, my family would text and e-mail shopping lists to various family members expecting they would remember all of the items and see the texts when they went shopping. That never seemed to work out!

As my wife would tell me "we just need a helper!"

After trying many of the shopping apps and finding them lacking, I set out to create a real-time and efficient shopping app utilizing my 30+ years of software development, enter MyShoppingHelper. I wanted MyShoppingHelper to leverage crowd-sourcing to be able to accurately locate items within aisles of the store and track product pricing information so we could always get the best deal while shopping at our favorite stores.

As I often stop at the store on the way home from the office, I found myself frequently getting the wrong items, or forgetting things that my wife would request because of the inefficiency of texts and e-mails. With MyShoppingHelper you can see pictures, descriptions and scan UPC codes to ensure you are asking for and picking up the right items every-time. The lists are updated in real-time immediately on all devices so if items are added while you are shopping you will see them appear on your list.

I hope you enjoy using MyShoppingHelper as much as I enjoyed creating it! We value all feedback and are here to help!


Nicholas Skrepetos
Founder and CEO

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